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  • Kitzbüheler Horn und Gaisberg bereits im Sommerbetrieb!


Current lift status


  • open facilities
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  • A1 Hahnenkammbahn
  • A2 Ganslern
  • A3 Walde
  • A4 Fleckalmbahn
  • A5 Rasmusleiten
  • A6 Märchenwald
  • A7 Starthaus
  • A8 Ministreif
  • A9 Mocking
  • B1 Hornbahn I
  • B2 Hornbahn II
  • B3 Horngipfelbahn
  • B4 Raintal
  • B5 Brunellenfeld
  • B6 Alpenhaus
  • B7 Hornköpfl
  • B8 Sun Kid
  • B9 Eggl
  • B10 Trattalmmulde
  • C1 Steinbergkogel
  • C2 Ehrenbachhöhe
  • C4 Sonnenrast
  • C7 Jufenalm
  • D1 Silberstube
  • D2 Brunn
  • D3 Pengelstein II
  • D4 Usterkar
  • D5 Pengelstein I
  • D6 Hieslegg
  • D7 Kasereck
  • D8 Hochsaukaser
  • D9 3S-Bahn
  • D10 Übungslift Aschau
  • D11 Sun Kid Aschau
  • E1 Maierlbahn
  • E2 Ochsalm
  • E5 Übungslift Reith
  • E6 Übungslift Reith
  • E7 Schatzerlift (Übungslift)
  • E8 Gaisberg
  • F1 Wagstättbahn
  • F3 Hausleiten
  • F5 Talsen
  • F6 Bärenbadkogel I
  • F7 Bärenbadkogel II
  • F8 Gauxjoch
  • F9 Trattenbach
  • G1 Resterhöhe
  • G2 Pass Thurn
  • G4 Resterkogel
  • G5 Hanglalm
  • G7 Hartkaser
  • G8 Zweitausender
  • G9 Panoramabahn I
  • G10 Panoramabahn II
  • G11 Sun Kid Resterhöhe
  • H1 Bichlalm
  • H2 Schneekatze

Current slope status

  • 1 Brunellenfeld
  • 2 Lärchenhang
  • 2a Pletzerwald
  • 3 Hagstein
  • 4 Raintal
  • 5 Unterberg
  • 6 Horn-Standard
  • 12 Rote Teufel Trainingsstrecke
  • 13 Hornköpfl-Süd
  • 14 Hornköpfl
  • 15 Eggl
  • 16 Streiteck
  • 16a Streiteck
  • 16b Jufen-Steilhang
  • 17 Powder Heaven
  • 18 Sonnenrast
  • 19 Kapellenabfahrt
  • 20 Asten
  • 21 Streif-Rennstrecke
  • 21 Streif-Familienabfahrt
  • 21 Streif-Familienabfahrt
  • 21a Waldehang
  • 21b Seidlalmhang
  • 22 Kampen
  • 23 Griesalm
  • 24 Jufen
  • 25 Fleck
  • 25a Fleck
  • 25b Kaser-Fleck
  • 26 Kaser
  • 26a Kaser-Krien
  • 27 Brunn
  • 27a Brunn
  • 27b Brunn-Kälberwald
  • 27c Brunn-Steilhang
  • 28 Silberstube
  • 28a Silberstube
  • 29 Kasereck
  • 29a Kasereck
  • 30 Pengelstein II
  • 31 Schroll-Skirast
  • 32 Hieslegg
  • 32a Hieslegg
  • 33 Giggling
  • 34 Pengelstein-Süd
  • 36 Hahnenkamm
  • 37 Melkalm
  • 38 Direttissima
  • 39 Obwiesen
  • 40 Kaser Nord
  • 41 Gaisberg
  • 43 Ochsalm
  • 55 Hochsaukaser
  • 56 Schwarzkogel
  • 60 Wagstätt/Wurzhöhe
  • 61 Talsen
  • 62 Bärenbadkogel I
  • 63 Bärenbadkogel II
  • 64 Bärenbadkogel II
  • 65 Bärenbadkogel-Nord
  • 66 Jägerwurz
  • 67 Wurzhöhe-Süd
  • 68 Trattenbach
  • 69 Rettenstein
  • 70 Resterhöhe
  • 70a Resterhöhe/ Resterkogel
  • 71 Resterkogel
  • 72 Hanglalm
  • 72a Hanglalm
  • 73 Hartkaser
  • 74 Hartkaser
  • 75 Zweitausender
  • 75a Zweitausender
  • 76 Pass Thurn Direktabfahrt
  • 77 Breitmoos
  • 50 Bichlalm-Standard
  • 50a Bichlalm-Süd
  • 51 Golf
  • 52 Stuckkogel
  • 90 Sedlboden
  • Verbindung - Resterkogel
  • Verbindung - Hartkaser
  • Verbindung - Hanglalm

Current weather Hahnenkamm

Dry and sunny throughout the day with hardly any clouds.





  • 14 h
  • 0 km/h
  • 2 mm
min 12°C
max 19°C
min 13°C
max 18°C
min 10°C
max 14°C

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Current events in Kitzbühel | Kirchberg

Top events in the 2016/17 winter season

Kitzbühel’s charm and magical allure has been enchanting numerous guests for over 125 years. Its mix of sport, nature, tradition and lifestyle make the “Gamsstadt” an international venue all year round.

The world-famous Kitzbühel and charming neighbouring village of Kirchberg offer entertainment and relaxation, culture and modernity. The cultural events calendar speaks for itself: varied and sensational, like no other place in the Alps. Kitzbühel and Kirchberg exude Alpine charm. Kitzbühel is the epitome of lifestyle in the Tirolean mountains. Come and discover these fantastic events first-hand.

Important KITZSKI messagesToday | 29.05.2017

  • Kitzbüheler Horn und Gaisberg bereits im Sommerbetrieb!


KitzSki season - NEW!

KitzSki season - NEW!Top
KitzSki season - NEW!

Winter starts with July 1th! We start the season ticket sales and provide more for your money. more

Bichlalm Kneippen.

Bichlalm Kneippen.
Bichlalm Kneippen.

Experience one of the most beautifully situated Kneipp pools in the Kitzbühel Alps and enjoy the moment. more

Timetable summer

Timetable summer
Timetable summer

Dear Guests and Customers, you can find all the information about our summer timetables here. Timetable subject to weather-related alterations! more

KitzMountain Guiding

KitzMountain Guiding
KitzMountain Guiding

KITZMOUNTAIN GUIDING: out and about with the best hiking guides in the Kitzbühel mountains, you get to amble on impressive high altitude trails... more

Unlimited viewing!

Unlimited viewing!
Unlimited viewing!

Discover a fine array of views from the famous Hahnenkamm along the beautifully planned circular walk. more

Goasberg Joch

Goasberg Joch
Goasberg Joch

The Gaisberg is seen as the best sport mountain in the Kitzbühel Alps. more

Kids’ Climbing Path

Kids’ Climbing PathTop
Kids’ Climbing Path

Even little ones can scale new heights! There’s a great new attraction for the whole family on the legendary Kitzbüheler Horn: the kids’ climbing path. more



Unlimited Downhill fun at the Gaisberg and on the Fleckalm: True to the motto UPHILL by train - DOWNHILL bike with the Kitzbühel Lift Company offers the ideal terrain. more

STREIF Viewing

STREIF ViewingTop
STREIF Viewing

Discover the Streif race feeling close-up on foot. Experience the most difficult downhill run in the world in a new dimension. more



Best view of the ‘Gamsstadt’! Those of who want to experience the best view to Kitzbühel and its mountains, should head up to the viewing platform on the Hahnenkamm - KitzPanorama more

Die Specials!

Die Specials!Top
Die Specials!

We will also be staging special Hiking Promotion Days in the summer of 2017. These events really do offer something for everyone. more

Bus timetable summer 2017

Bus timetable summer 2017
Bus timetable summer 2017

Here you find the current timetable of the bus service to easily organize your hiking experience in Kitzbühel and Kirchberg. more

Free travel on the valley practice lifts

Did you know that on the practice areas at Rasmusleiten, Mocking, Ministreif (all in Kitzbühel), Hausleiten (Jochberg) and in Aschau, Reith and Pass Thurn KitzSki are offering free skiing for children, teens and adults?

KitzSki TV Spot 2015/16 - 20 sec.

Current snow report

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    the slopes


  • Snow-covered

    119 km

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0 cm

Ski slopes-snow height on the mountain

0 cm

Depth of natural snow mountainside

0 cm

Ski slopes-snow height in the valley

0 cm

Snow height in the valley

7 °C

Temperature mountain

3 °C

Temperature valley

Information on measurement techniques

How, when and where do we measure the depth of our snow?

Our 31 high-tech snow groomers send measuring data with GPS co-ordinates every day, which provides very precise information on the snow depth on our slopes.

Slope snow depth = the total depth of natural plus artificial snow on our ski runs.

Slope snow depth/mountain = an average of all the GPS measuring data collected every day on our slopes in the ski area that are over 1,600m above sea level.

Slope snow depth/valley = an average of all the GPS measuring data collected every day on our slopes in the ski resort around the valley stations (up to 100 metres above)

Natural snow depth/mountain: an automatic measuring station on the Schwarzkogel mountain ( provides the latest data every day from 1,700m above sea level. (Note: snow drifts can influence measuring data!)

Important KITZSKI messagesToday | 29.05.2017

  • Kitzbüheler Horn und Gaisberg bereits im Sommerbetrieb!


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