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    The world of alpine flowers

    Let yourself be carried away into the world of alpine flowers.

    The Alpine flower garden on the Kitzbüheler Horn offers a noteworthy view due to the enormous number of different types of high mountain plants. Let yourself be carried off into the world of Alpine flowers.

    The different blossom times means that these splendid shapes and colours change constantly changing in the Alpine flower garden. Come and take a look at this unique world of plants and pay a visit to the Alpine flower garden on the Kitzbüheler Horn.

    Free guided tours!

    In July and August there are 2x guided tours daily at 11.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. Meeting point: Entrance to the Alpine flower garden – easily accessible via Hornbahn I and the Horngipfelbahn!

    • Enjoy the view
      Enjoy the view
    • Alpine flowers
      Alpine flowers
    • Hiking in the alpine flower garden
      Hiking in the alpine flower garden

    Detailed descriptions

    We start with the One Flowered Cat’s Ear (Hypochoeris uniflora), which is easy to identify with its thickened stem directly under a large flower head. It should also be mentioned regarding this plant that the young shoots are edible and the ears also taste good, which is probably the reason behind its name.

    You could hardly guess from the luxurious form and the large pink blossoms of the Incarvillea (Incarvillea mairei) from East Tibet (Chinese Sichuan Province) that this plant is a plant which is found in the high mountain ranges. It feels right at home in very high sites, above 4000m (!) and thrives there in great numbers, amongst the grazing yaks. Toni Hofer picked up this plant on his journey to Tibet and positioned it in the Himalayan bed in the Alpine flower garden, where everyone can now marvel at it.

    When you enter the Alpine flower garden by the upper entrance, the very first thing that you notice are the many yellow and white Alpine poppy blossoms which sway gently in the wind. The natural spread of the white Alpine poppy (Papaver sendteri) is limited to the Northern Limestone Alps, whereas its yellow sibling (Papaver rhaeticum) is found exclusively in the Southern Limestone Alps. Due to their long tap-roots these Alpine poppies are capable of growing on chalk dumps, which is why they are called “Schuttstauer” (plant holding back rock debris). However, why orange and red-orange blossoms crop up here and there in the Alpine flower garden still remains a mystery.

    The meadows in the Alpine flower garden are wonderfully speckled with colour, with yellow Arnica, the blue Bearded Bellflower and the orange-red Shaggy Hawkweed (Hieraceum villosum). Other plants which blossom here include Edelweiss, pink and blue Himalayan poppies (Meconopsis), lilac Alpine flaxweed, yellow (Schnaps) gentian, the impressively large wolly thistle, the insect-pollinated Carex baldensis and lots more.

    By cable car to the summit of the Horn (2000 m), from there you descend, heading for the Alpine flower garden, which you reach in around 10 minutes. Then you get to go on a hike through the Alpine flower garden. Guided tours in the Alpine flower garden take place daily in July and August at 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. Meeting point: Entrance to the Alpine flower garden.

    For more detailed information there is also the “Guide to the Alpine flower garden on the Kitzbüheler Horn”, available from all lift stations of Bergbahn AG Kitzbühel, and also from Kitzbühel Tourismus. Price: € 3.--. Afterwards you can either go down into the valley on Kitzbühel Hornbahn, or walk to mid-station and from there take the gondola lift into the valley.

    Circular path

    on the Kitzbüheler Horn