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    Dry and bright with plenty of sunshine, clouds will be rare.





    • 8 h
    • 6 km/h
    • 0 mm
    min 6°C
    max 13°C
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    Experience the varied ski routes and get to know the insider tips of the KitzSki Arena.

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    03.10.2020 - 10.10.2020

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    KitzSki season ticket

    valid from 29. May 2020 until 2. May 2021Now only EUR 693,00

    Be the first to start the winter in the Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area!

    In October we are starting our skiing season at Pass Thurn / Resterkogel

    The Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area is absolutely one of the first non-glacier ski areas to get the winter season under way the Resterkogel / Resterhöhe area opened for business; on daily base from October. The ultra-modern Kitzbüheler Alpen Panoramabahn cable car is the quick, easy and direct way to ascend from Breitmoos (middle station) and start enjoying all the fun of skiing.

    Once at the summit, you experience perfect snow conditions and top quality ski runs. The sun is shining brightly, the panoramic views of the mighty Hohe Tauern mountain range and countless 3,000 m peaks boost your spirits and the Resterkogel 4-seater chairlift ensures your skiing pleasures know no limits.

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      Pure skiing pleasure
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      Unlimited skiing pleasure
    • Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area
      Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area

    Looking for the right gift?

    KitzSki value vouchers are an excellent choice

    Give the gift of unforgettable moments in the Kitzbühel Alps by making use of our flexible vouchers or combined packages. What are you waiting for? Make somebody happy!

    Value voucher ski & snow

    Value voucher ski & snowSki where winter is at its most beautiful – isn’t that what everyone wants to do? Give the gift of 189 kilometres of perfect slopes, 41 kilometres of marked ski routes and 230 kilometres of perfectly groomed pistes in all degrees of difficulty – for regular holiday skiers and professionals. KitzSki is calling!Order a voucherMore vouchers

    57 state-of-the-art cable cars and lifts and 234 spectacular kilometres of descents. Our ski area lies nestled between the Kitzbüheler Horn and Hahnenkamm. The Horn, Hahnenkamm, Fleckalm and Pass Thurn all feature perfectly groomed pistes, plenty of variety and, of course, cosy and rustic ski huts where you can stop in for refreshments and relaxation.

    The Kitzbühel|Kirchberg ski area in Tirol boasts 234 kilometres of perfectly prepared and marked descents for beginners, regular holiday skiers and advanced winter sports enthusiasts – with 15 valley runs. With our 57 lifts, we are also Austria’s largest cable car company. The cable cars offer the highest levels of comfort, up to and including heated seats. They are pleasant, modern and guaranteed stress-free. We also have 1,068 snowmaking machines in use. The number of reservoir lakes in our area is just as impressive: 10 with a total capacity of approx. 725,000m³

    KitzSki Winterstart 2016 Resterkogel

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    Name of the lift
    Height meter
    Operating times
    In service
    A1 Hahnenkammbahn
    2414 m
    878 m
    08:30 - 17:00
    Out of service
    A2 Ganslern
    736 m
    224 m
    Out of service
    A3 Walde
    473 m
    194 m
    In service
    A4 Fleckalmbahn
    4000 m
    971 m
    08:30 - 17:00
    Out of service
    A5 Rasmusleiten
    400 m
    71 m
    Out of service
    A6 Märchenwald
    150 m
    15 m
    Out of service
    A7 Starthaus
    70 m
    11 m
    Out of service
    A8 Ministreif
    132 m
    15 m
    Out of service
    A9 Mocking
    225 m
    26 m
    In service
    B1 Hornbahn I
    1832 m
    506 m
    08:30 - 17:00
    In service
    B2 Hornbahn II
    1689 m
    388 m
    08:45 - 17:00
    In service
    B3 Horngipfelbahn
    2146 m
    688 m
    08:45 - 17:00
    Out of service
    B4 Raintal
    1291 m
    505 m
    Out of service
    B5 Brunelle
    1173 m
    504 m
    Out of service
    B6 Alpenhaus
    590 m
    109 m
    Out of service
    B7 Hornköpfl
    675 m
    216 m
    Out of service
    B8 Sun Kid Horn
    37 m
    4 m
    Out of service
    B9 Eggl
    570 m
    92 m
    Out of service
    B10 Trattalmmulde
    141 m
    13 m
    Out of service
    C1 Steinbergkogel
    1309 m
    523 m
    Out of service
    C2 Ehrenbachhöhe
    918 m
    364 m
    Out of service
    C3 Jufen
    882 m
    299 m
    Out of service
    C4 Sonnenrast
    1067 m
    132 m
    Out of service
    D1 Silberstube
    581 m
    183 m
    Out of service
    D2 Brunn
    1462 m
    432 m
    Out of service
    D3 Pengelstein II
    2171 m
    565 m
    Out of service
    D4 Usterkar
    311 m
    46 m
    Out of service
    D5 Pengelstein I
    2818 m
    612 m
    Out of service
    D6 Hieslegg
    1603 m
    477 m
    Out of service
    D7 Kasereck
    720 m
    221 m
    Out of service
    D8 Hochsaukaser
    1284 m
    467 m
    Out of service
    D9 3S-Bahn
    3642 m
    137 m
    Out of service
    D10 Übungslift Aschau
    175 m
    50 m
    Out of service
    D11 Sun Kid Aschau
    60 m
    5 m
    Out of service
    E1 Maierlbahn
    2585 m
    687 m
    Out of service
    E2 Ochsalm
    1014 m
    300 m
    Out of service
    E5 Übungslift Reith
    596 m
    95 m
    Out of service
    E6 Sun Kid Reith
    152 m
    15 m
    Out of service
    E7 Schatzerlift (Übungslift)
    In service
    E8 Gaisberg
    1525 m
    435 m
    08:30 - 17:00
    Out of service
    F1 Wagstättbahn
    2468 m
    794 m
    Out of service
    F3 Hausleiten
    484 m
    89 m
    Out of service
    F5 Talsen
    1461 m
    534 m
    Out of service
    F6 Bärenbadkogel I
    1166 m
    342 m
    Out of service
    F7 Bärenbadkogel II
    1175 m
    375 m
    Out of service
    F8 Gauxjoch
    1242 m
    131 m
    Out of service
    F9 Trattenbach
    821 m
    312 m
    Out of service
    G1 Resterhöhe
    1510 m
    515 m
    Out of service
    G2 Pass Thurn
    234 m
    29 m
    Out of service
    G4 Resterkogel
    654 m
    193 m
    Out of service
    G5 Hanglalm
    1196 m
    349 m
    Out of service
    G7 Hartkaser
    1031 m
    263 m
    Out of service
    G8 Zweitausender
    1426 m
    474 m
    In service
    G9 Panoramabahn I
    2117 m
    428 m
    In service
    G10 Panoramabahn II
    2144 m
    661 m
    Out of service
    G11 Sun Kid Resterhöhe
    105 m
    13 m
    In service
    H1 Bichlalm
    2254 m
    693 m
    09:00 - 17:30