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    Experience the varied ski routes and get to know the insider tips of the KitzSki Arena.

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    Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area in Tirol: Big 5 – the Streif

    KitzSki presents the five best ski runs – the Big 5.

    Anyone looking to experience true freedom on the slopes should put our Big 5 to the test. The variety of skiing options in our Kitzbühel|Kirchberg ski area will leave you feeling amazed. From beginners to seasoned pros, there’s something for every winter sports fan in Kitzbühel | Kirchberg.

    Discover our spectacular Kitzbühel | Kirchberg ski area. Let us present our Big 5. We’ll begin with the world-famous Streif. Do you think the Streif can be conquered by any good skier? We can answer this question with a clear YES.

    Generally speaking, anyone can ski on the Streif in winter. It begins at the Hahnenkamm cable car mountain station. The key sections, such as the Mausefalle (mousetrap), Steilhang (steep slope) and Hausbergkante (local mountain edge), are classified as “extremely difficult ski runs”, are often very icy and are therefore reserved for advanced skiers.

    • Hahnenkamm-Rennen
    • Zahlreiches Publikum
      Zahlreiches Publikum
    • Jährlicher Höhepunkt
      Jährlicher Höhepunkt

    The Streif is the classic among the world’s ski racing courses

    The Streif ski run is incomparable and has all the elements of a classic downhill race track: steep edges which result in breathtaking high-speed jumps, steep slopes, schuss sections, curves, gliding sections, spectacular bumps and much, much more. Every year, thousands of spectators are wowed by the race held on the Streif and the unique atmosphere it creates. Courageous and self-confident, the racers shoot off at high speed down the course, which demands a fast pace from the outset. The first third comprises three of the key sections – the Startschuss, Mausefalle (mousetrap) and Steilhang (steep slope). The race then enters the varied middle stretch – with the Brueckenschuss, Gschoess, Alte Schneise, Seidlalm, Laerchenschuss and Oberhausberg sections – where the skill lies in getting the skis to glide in exactly the right way.

    The grand finale begins at the Hausbergkante (local mountain edge). After the racers jump over the edge, they go on a “wild ride” along the Hausberg, enabling them to hurtle along the Zielschuss (finishing straight), make the Zielsprung (final jump) and cross the finish line on the Rasmusleitn at top speed. The live audience and millions of ski fans watching the event unfold on the TV at home are left breathless until the last skier finishes the race and the champions are announced.

    The Streif

    • The Streif is the classic among the world’s ski racing courses
    • Every year, thousands of spectators are wowed by the race
    • Many difficult key points
    • finish line on the Rasmusleitn at top speed

    Familienstreif family run

    The Familienstreif family run is a special highlight for skiers and snowboarders. The most difficult sections of the racecourse are simply missed out, transforming the Streif into an enjoyable slope for all winter sports enthusiasts and a red piste on Kitzbühel’s piste map. No more complete closures!

    In summer 2010, alterations were made to the Streif to widen the areas between the Steilhang (steep slope) and Seidlalm (“Gschöss”). This means that skiers can access this area while the race track is being prepared in January and during the week of the race itself. Other key sections are still closed from around 6 January to allow for the week-long preparation works to take place. Snow must be transported to the correct places and, if necessary, the terrain must be corrected using snow. The entire piste is prepared, solidified and frozen, while safety fences, security infrastructure, spectator stands and TV equipment are also set up.

    kitzbuehel the legend (46)

    Streif – an old field name

    The world-famous ski run takes its name from the Streifalm, the meadow on the upper part of the course. In turn, the meadow was probably named after a farmer from Brixen named “Straiff”.

    Legend has it that the Mausefalle (mousetrap) jump was coined by Toni Sailer Senior, father of the skiing superstar Toni Sailer, because the section reminded him of an old wire mousetrap. The racers hurtle down this steep slope after the jump just like mice falling into wire traps. The Mausefalle has been used since the early 1950s.