KitzSki option ski pass

A good combination of skiing and resting days.

Ski pass option 5 in 7

CategorySuper seaversSeaver seasonPeak season
Adult€ 235,50€ 260,00€ 284,00
Youth € 176,00€ 195,00€ 213,00
Child€ 117,00€ 130,00€ 142,00

Saver season: until 11.12.2021 and from 19.04.2022
Basic season: 12. until 14.12.2021 and 13.03. until 18.04.2022
Premium season: 25.12.2021 until 12.03.2022

Children's & Youth Discounts

Infants: Free transport age group 2016 and younger
Children: Age groups from 2015 and 2006
Youths: Age groups from 2005 and 2003

For the above mentioned categries, proof of age must be shown when purchasing ski passes and taken with you while skiing.

Offers and prices are subject to change!

Information according to Section 24 DSG 2000 to „Photocompare“ - excerpt from T&Cs

12.5. The Contracting Party hereby notes that a reference photo shall be taken of the Ticket holder on their first use of a camera-equipped turnstile. This reference photo shall be compared by lift staff to each additional photo taken at camera-equipped turnstiles.

12.6. The reference photo shall be immediately deleted upon expiry of the Ticket. The other, additional photos shall be deleted no later than 30 minutes after the Ticket holder uses the turnstile in question.